Spring 2021 Season Coaches Meeting

After a wild 2020 in which we played in the Fall, we are back to starting as normal in the Spring.

There will be the traditional coaches meeting next Tuesday at 6 PM at the Aquatic Center to sign up for the 2021 season (which begins March 22), and to find out more information for those considering signing up.

We have met with a subcommittee comprised of some of the church division leaders to put in place some big changes for this upcoming season that will drastically improve the league and its perception by putting the focus on having fun and representing Christ in the process.

We would love to have you come out and consider putting in a team this season as we enter a new era in the league. We will discuss the new changes to the league in terms of divisions, game play, and conduct.

Look forward to seeing many of you there, and if you already know if you might be putting in a team, go ahead and shoot me an email at so we can begin getting a head count. Thank you!

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